Archives for August 2010

New Trade – put spread

Stock Symbol: [private_monthly]GOOG[/private_monthly] Strategy: Put Spread Reasoning: We expect this stock to drop 20 points from it’s current price. We could just trade a straight put, but we’d be looking at a 2 for 1 [Read More …]

Trade Update

Yesterday, we did not get filled on our put/call combo on [private_monthly]GLW[/private_monthly]. However, we re initiated the trade this morning and got filled for net credit of $0.30.

New Trade – Combo (short put / long call)

Stock Symbol: [private_monthly]GLW[/private_monthly] Strategy: Combo (short put / long call) Reasoning: We expect this stock to go to 20 – 22 within 1 month. The trade generates a $0.20 per share credit. If, by Sep [Read More …]

We’re going live! is now officially live.