Trade Adjustment – call spread risk reversal

Stock / Symbol: [private_monthly]Crocs / CROX [/private_monthly]

Option Strategy: call spread risk reversal
Date of trade entry: Mar 2
Price at trade entry: $17.31

Reasoning: Just in case [private_monthly]CROX[/private_monthly] is peaking here, we're closing the call spread portion of the trade for a 50% gain. We'll keep the short put in place as it should expire worthless by April 15th.

Closing Order Details:

STC 1 CROX Apr11 17 Call
BTC -1 CROX Apr11 18 Call

for a credit of $0.75 per contract


Max Risk: $1600
Max Reward: $85 or 5.3%
Profit Range: $16 +
Max Profit at: $18 +

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