New Trade – Combo (short put / long call)

Stock Symbol: [private_monthly]GLW[/private_monthly]

Strategy: Combo (short put / long call)

Reasoning: We expect this stock to go to 20 – 22 within 1 month. The trade generates a $0.20 per share credit. If, by Sep 17th, stock moves higher than $20.35, additional profit will be realized. If stock stays between $20.35 to $18.00, initial credit of $.20 / share will be profit. If stock closes under $18 on Sep 17th, 100 shares of the will need to be purchased at $18 per share, which is within our desired buy range for the stock.

Trade Details:

BTO 1 Sep 20 call option for approximately $0.35
STO 1 Sep 18 put option for approximately $0.55

Net Credit = Approximately $0.20



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