Closing Trade : calendar call spread

Stock / Symbol: Johnson & Johnson / JNJ

Option Strategy: calendar call spread w/ protective call
Trade Entry date: Aug 10
Price at trade post: $61.28
Price at this post: 63.69

Reasoning: Re-running the risk graph, it looks like we're actually already near the max profit level for this trade. So, we're going to close the trade here for around a 17% to 19% profit.

Closing Trade Details:

STC 2 JNJ Jan13 60 Calls
BTC 2 JNJ Sep11 60 Calls
for a net credit of $3.00 per contract

STC 2 JNJ Jan12 65 Calls
for a credit of $2.49 per contract

Max Risk: $928
Max Reward: unlimited
Profit Range: $54 +
Profit upon fill: $178 or 19%

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