Bernanke Live On Capital Hill

While there is low volatility and the market continues to drift higher, much of the work Bernanke and company has done appears to be working. It seems like a love-fest!
A larger factor is that Europe is taking aggressive action to avoid a deep recession, and capital outflows from equity markets have been stemmed to a degree.
What does this mean?
Confidence on Wall Street is increasing, considering we’ve crossed 13,000 on the Dow, and inflation has not taken hold yet.
Outside the risk of a geopolitical event, we see continued market resiliency leading into this year’s election. Not to say that pullbacks will not occur.
For The OptionWiz Members, we continue to look on the long side for fundamentally under-valued stocks that technically support our thesis.
On the short side, technically there look to be many opportunities. Certain sectors and individual stocks look extended.
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