Closing Trade : RUT

Stock / Symbol: Russell 2000 / RUT

Option Strategy: iron condor
Trade entry date: Aug 17
Price at trade post: $818
Price at this post: $865

Current Position:
Short -1 RUT Sep12 880 call
Long 1 RUT Sep12 890 call
Short -1 RUT Sep12 765 put
Long 1 RUT Sep12 755 put

Reasoning: This trade has gotten too close to our upside breakeven and there's not enough time left in the Sep options to adjust. Closing out the trade now to avoid further losses. [/private_monthly]

Closing Trade Details:[private_monthly]
BTC -1 RUT Sep12 880 call
STC 1 RUT Sep12 890 calls
BTC -1 RUT Sep12 765 put
STC 1 RUT Sep12 755 put
for a max net debit of $1.70 per contract (day order, limit order). Current mid is 1.45 so try to get filled for mid + 0.10

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