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The OptionWiz Service

The OptionWiz is no longer providing its trading service. It’s been a pleasure trading with you since 2010 and we wish you the best of success in your future trading and investing. As a professional [Read More …]

Closing Trade : X

Stock / Symbol: US Steel / X Option Strategy: [private_monthly]diagonal call spread[/private_monthly] Trade entry date: Mar 26 Price at trade entry: $29.66 Price at Apr 27 adjustment: $28.32 Price at Jun 12 adjustment: $18.20 Price [Read More …]

Trade Adjustment / Closing Trade : NBR

Stock / Symbol: Nabors Industries / NBR Option Strategy: converted to diagonal call spread Trade entry date: Apr 4 Price at trade entry: $16.60 Price at Jul 31 adjustment / new entry: $14.50 Price at [Read More …]

Closing Trade Update : FB

Closing Trade Details: STC 2 FB Sep12 21 puts for a min credit of $2.00 per contract (day order / limit order). Current bid is $2.05. Update: We were filled at $2.05.

Trade Closed : SPX

Stock / Symbol: S&P 500 Index / SPX Option Strategy: iron condor Trade entry date: Jul 11 Trade exit date: Jul 27 Price at trade entry: $1342.70 Price at trade exit: $1383.50 Update: Our GTC [Read More …]

Closing Trade : INFY

Stock / Symbol: Infosys / INFY Option Strategy: [private_monthly]double calendar call spread[/private_monthly] Trade entry date: Apr 11 Price at trade entry: 56.51 Price at this post: 47.15 Reasoning: While the INFY beat earnings estimates, they [Read More …]

Coal: Oversold?

Will Coal Come Back? At The OptionWiz, we combine stock selection with option strategies to make you money. Our investment decisions are derived through fundamental and technical analysis. We look at all types of strategies [Read More …]

New Trade : JNJ

Stock / Symbol: Johnson & Johnson / JNJ Option Strategy: [private_monthly]calendar call spread[/private_monthly] Price at trade post: $65.20 Reasoning: Going back to our old faithful, Johnson & Johnson. [private_monthly]JNJ continues to trade right around 65, [Read More …]

Bernanke Live On Capital Hill

While there is low volatility and the market continues to drift higher, much of the work Bernanke and company has done appears to be working. It seems like a love-fest! A larger factor is that [Read More …]