Dividend Paying Stocks

Dividend Paying Stocks The new Normal is to grab yield where you can, and for many investors, dividend-paying stocks are a solution. For those of us who started our investing careers in the late 1980’s, [Read More …]

Order Updates

Stock / Symbol: S&P 500 INDEX / SPX Trade entry date: Feb 15 @ 11:41am EST Price at trade entry: $1355.07 Option Strategy: [private_monthly]bear call spread[/private_monthly] Update: We got filled today on our [private_monthly]SPX bear [Read More …]

The Rule of 72

The Rule of 72 Under the Rule of 72, if you take the interest rate earned on an investment and divide it into “72”, you get the approximate number of years needed to double the [Read More …]

Trade Update : MSFT

Stock / Symbol: Microsoft / MSFT Update: [private_monthly]got filled at $0.46 on the new calendar spread. Note that we’re selling JanWk4 calls which expire on Jan 27. Trade Details: BTO 10 MSFT Mar12 29 Calls [Read More …]

New Trade : GOOG

Stock / Symbol: Google / GOOG Price at trade post: $636 Option Strategy: iron condor Reasoning: With earnings due out this evening, we’ve found [private_monthly]an iron condor trade that, if filled at or over $5.10 [Read More …]

New Trade : K

Stock / Symbol: Kellog / K Price at trade post: $50.51 Option Strategy: [private_monthly]diagonal call spread[/private_monthly] Reasoning:[private_monthly] Over the past 2 years, K has traded between a low of 47.28 and a high of $57.7, [Read More …]

Post Correction : FCX trade

[private_monthly]Correction: Accidentally said to STC the Nov11 40 calls when it should have read the DecWk2 40 calls. Closing Trade Details (for Sep 14 entry date): STC 2 FCX Feb12 40 Calls BTC -2 FCX [Read More …]

Trade Adjustment : MO calendar spread

Stock / Symbol: [private_monthly]Altria Group / MO [/private_monthly] Option Strategy: calendar call spread Price at trade entry: $28.39 Price at this post: $28.75 Reasoning: With MO trading right at our upside breakeven point, we’re going [Read More …]

Position Updates

Stock / Symbol: Freeport-McMoran / FCX Option Strategy: calendar call spread w/ protective call Update:[private_monthly] The Nov11 40 calls we sold will expire worthless today, giving us an uncalled return of 8%. Next, we’ll look [Read More …]

Fill Report

Stock / Symbol: Coca-Cola Company / KO Trade entered on: Nov 3 Option Strategy: double calendar call spread Report: trade closed for net of $3.57 per contract. Auto-Trade w/ OptionsXpress closed at net of $3.60 [Read More …]