Closing Trade – FSLR call spread

Stock / Symbol: First Solar / FSLR
Option Strategy: call spread
Price at trade entry: $145.89

Reasoning: We're closing the trade here now as the position has already reached 89% of it's full profit potential. If you want to go for the full profit, you can wait until April 15th to close the trade but we recommend selling here at $9.80 per contract. As always, be sure to use a GTC order.

Trade Details:

STC 1 FSLR Apr11 125 Call
BTC -1 FSLR Apr11 135 Call
for a net credit of $9.80 per contract

Proceeds: $980

Max Risk: $819
Max Reward: $181 or 22% by Apr 2011 expiration
Profit Range: $133.25 +
Max Profit at: $135 +
Realized Reward: $161 or 19.66%

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