Order Updates

Stock / Symbol: S&P 500 INDEX / SPX

Trade entry date: Feb 15 @ 11:41am EST
Price at trade entry: $1355.07
Option Strategy: [private_monthly]bear call spread[/private_monthly]

Update: We got filled today on our [private_monthly]SPX bear call spread for a credit of $0.55 per contract[/private_monthly]

In case you missed it, here are the order details:

STO -2 SPX Mar12 1415 calls
BTO 2 SPX Mar12 1420 calls
for a net credit of $0.55 per contract (GTC, limit order)

Stock / Symbol: Kellog / K
Option Strategy: diagonal call spread

Trade entry date: Jan 6
Trade exit date: Feb 15 @ 11:06am EST
Price at trade entry: $50.39
Price at trade exit: $53.08

Update: Got filled at $4.85 per contract about an hour ago for a 14.9% return in about 5 weeks.

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