Trade Update : NBR

Stock / Symbol: Nabors Industries / NBR

Option Strategy: covered call
Trade entry date: Jan 30
Trade exit date: Feb 17 or Feb 18
Price at trade entry: $18.50
Price at this post: $20.72

Reasoning: While we had to exit this trade early to free up some capital in our own account, the rest of you will be realizing the full profit potential on this trade today. Depending upon your individual broker's commission structure, you can either close the position for a net credit of $17.99 at the end of the day or simply allow the position to get called away. Just go with the option that is the least commission intensive.

Risk Analysis:
Max Risk: $1,745
Max Reward: $55 or 3.1% by Feb 17
Profit Range: $17.45 + by Feb 17
Suggested Stop @: $15.74
Realized profit / loss: $55 or 3.1% in 14 trading days! (pre-commission)


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