Closing Trade : MO

Stock / Symbol: Altria Group / MO

Option Strategy: calendar call spread
Trade entry date: Dec 2
Price at trade entry: $28.39
Price at this post: $30.09

Notes: [private_monthly] Our short Mar12 29 calls were assigned, so we're going to close the entire position here for around a $120 loss. To close our position, we're buying back the short stock and selling our long calls. If you were not assigned, then you'll close the diagonal spread. [/private_monthly]

Closing Order (if assigned):
BTC -200 MO shares (at market)
STC 2 MO Jun12 28 Calls (at market)

Closing Order (if not assigned):
STC 2 MO Jun12 28 Calls
BTC -2 MO Mar12 29 Calls
for a net credit of $1.27 per contract (or best price)


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