Closing Trade : JDSU

Stock / Symbol: JDS Uniphase Corp / JDSU

Option Strategy: [private_monthly]vertical call spread[/private_monthly]
Trade entry date: Mar 26
Price at trade post: $13.99
Price at this post: $13.70

Reasoning: We did get a $15 price on JDSU but it came a bit early for this trade. With JDSU now trading near our break even price (by expiration), we're going to play it safe and close out the trade here.

Closing Trade Details:[private_monthly]

STC 5 JDSU Apr12 13 Calls
BTC -5 JDSU Apr12 14 Calls
for a net credit of $0.57 per contract (day order, limit order. If not filled by 11:30am EST, close at the bid)

Max Risk: $340
Max Reward: $180 or 55% by Apr 20
Profit Range: $13.65+ on Apr 20
Max Profit at: $14+
Suggested downside stop: $12.50
Profit / Loss upon fill: ($55) (pre-commission)


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