Closing Trade : HSY

Stock / Symbol: The Hershey Co. / HSY

Option Strategy: broken wing butterfly call spread
Trade entry date: Mar 29
Price at trade entry: $61.13
Price at this post: $63.25

Reasoning: We were expecting HSY to stay range bound, between 59 to 62 during this trade, so we went with a non directional broken wing butterfly. Fortunately, the broken wing butterfly structure gave us some upside protection is this trade. Hopefully, you adhered to our suggested stop and are already out of this trade.

Closing Trade Details:[private_monthly]

STC 2 HSY Apr12 55 Calls
BTC -3 HSY Apr12 60 Calls
STC 1 HSY Apr12 65 Call
for a net credit of $6.60 per contract (if not filled by 3pm EST - adjust your ask down till you're filled, day order, limit order)

Max Risk: $839
Max Reward: $150 or 17.9% by Apr 20
Profit Range: $59.10 to $61.80 on Apr 20
Max Profit at: $60
Suggested upside stop: $62.35
Suggested downside stop: $59.10
Realized Profit / Loss upon fill: ($179)

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