Closing Trade : FB

Closing TradeStock Symbol: FaceBook / FB

Option Strategy: [private_monthly]long puts[/private_monthly]
Trade entry date: Aug 14
Price at trade entry: $20.77
Price at this post: $19.95

Reasoning: We got our down move on the 270 million shares coming un-locked today. We're closing our postion for a quick profit.

Closing Trade Details:

STC 2 FB Sep12 21 puts
for a min credit of $2.00 per contract (day order / limit order). Current bid is $2.10.

Max Risk: $360
Max Reward: unlimited
Profit Range: $0 - $19.20 (by Sep12 expiration)
Suggested upside stop: @ $21.51
Realized Profit / Loss upon fill: $50 or 14% (pre-commission)

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