New Trade : HAIN

Hain Celestial GroupStock / Symbol: HAIN Celestial Group / HAIN

Option Strategy: butterfly call spread

Price at trade post: $69.50

Reasoning: With the news out following this stock's earnings last week, we're going to put on a relatively low risk / high reward long butterfly call spread here. With 0 net Delta and positive net Theta, this is a non-directional trade allowing us to capture premium erosion with the stock trading between [private_monthly] 66.59 - 73.42 by Sep expiration. Unless and adjustment doesn't add much additional risk to the trade, be sure to exit the trade if/when our stops are hit. [/private_monthly]

Trade Details:[private_monthly]
BTO 1 HAIN Sep12 65 call
STO -2 HAIN Sep12 70 call
BTO 1 HAIN Sep12 75 call
for a max net debit of $1.65 per contract (day order, limit order). If not filled today, ok to try again tomorrow.

Cost/Proceeds $165.00
Option Requirement $0
Total Requirements $165.00
Estimated Commission $12.95

Max Risk: $165
Max Reward: $320 or 200% at $70 by Sep 21
Profit Range: $66.59 - $73.42 by Sep 21
Suggested Upside stop: @ $73.45
Suggested Downside stop: @ $66.55

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