Every Picture Tells A Story

Charts can be amazing indicators of future performance because of the natural ebb and flow of the market; more specifically a “trading range,” which is what we now so often see. If you can navigate [Read More …]

Put/Call Ratio: A Contrarian Indicator

At The OptionWiz, we use the Put/Call ratio for individual stocks and indexes as a contrarian indicator. The Put/Call ratio can be used as a gauge of Fear or greed, which helps traders identify possible turning [Read More …]

Iron Condor : A good strategy for Post Earnings Blues

At The OptionWiz, we combine stock selection with options strategies for our customers. Applying the right options strategy for a specific scenario makes the difference between a losing or winning trade. As we come to [Read More …]

Stocks Lead The Way, Followed by Data: Covered Strangle

Don’t let the headlines dictate your decision-making. Last week, the S&P Case-Shiller home price index report for February came out, indicating that U.S. home prices stumbled again, hitting new lows among its 10 and 20 [Read More …]

Know When To Fold

Tight Stops Cut your losers! Deciding on where to exit a losing trade is a critical piece to the investment process. When a position goes against you, the intuitive voice tells you to add to [Read More …]

Earnings Season & ETF’s

Earnings Season Preview –  As we begin earnings season, our team at The OptionWiz looks to Exchange Traded Funds to mitigate some of the risk that Individual stocks carry during this period. Making a call [Read More …]

Coal: Oversold?

Will Coal Come Back? At The OptionWiz, we combine stock selection with option strategies to make you money. Our investment decisions are derived through fundamental and technical analysis. We look at all types of strategies [Read More …]


In this edition of The OptionWiz Weekly, we are going to provide valuable information about ETFs and ETNs. This report was written, based on our need to further explore these products following last week’s move [Read More …]

Options Workshop : Butterfly Options Strategy

A butterfly strategy is designed to benefit from an equity staying in a specific price range. This is also referred to as a non-directional option strategy. A butterfly can be applied through the use of call [Read More …]

Company Profile : Crocs Inc.

Crocs Inc (Crox). Crocs Incorporated designs, manufactures, markets and distributes footwear, clothing, and accessories for men, women and children across Europe, Asia and The Americas. The company’s main focus is causal and athletic shoes, and [Read More …]